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You may be interested to read: How to judge Second Marriage in Astrology. Another indication of rich husband in astrology If the Lord of the 2nd house is exalted. In Vedic astrology, there is one Yoga known as Sreenath Yoga which gives rise of fortune after marriage.

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Sreenatha Yoga is formed when 7th lord is exalted in the 10th with 9th. This yoga demands the union of two people — like Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi triggering a fortunate raja yoga post marriage. In earlier Days the girls were most likely to be non-working. But nowadays the no of working girls has increased to a large extent.

Moreover New professions are emerging rapidly, so predicting the correct profession, is a difficult task. From the Horoscope of any native, we can only get an idea about the profession of the prospective spouse but for exact information we have to see the birth chart of that individual. The 10th house from 7th i. If the 4th Lord goes to 7th house or 7th lord is placed in the 4th house or 4th lord and 7th lord is conjunct or exchange sign, there is high chance that your spouse will be very careeristic and independent person.

Venus:Spouse Profession in astrology will have venus energy. If the 4th Lord is Venus and it is strongly posited in the chart like own sign, exalted or vargottam without any malefic influence or Venus is in 10th house from Upapada UL , the husband can be involved in any designing work, creative work, fashion industry, artistic work or in any corporate company etc.

Jupiter:Spouse Profession in astrology will have Jupiter energy. If the planet is Jupiter the spouse may be involved in Teaching profession, Banking sector or any religious work etc. Mars:Spouse Profession in astrology will have Martian energy. If the Planet is Mars and it is strongly posited in your chart, there is chances that your spouse may be involved in Police, military, surgeon or engineering work.

Mercury:Spouse Profession in astrology will have Mercury energy when the 4th house from Lagna or 10th house from Upapada Lagna is influenced by Mercury. There is chances that your husband may be in trade and commerce, chartered accountant, Lawyer, Teacher etc. Sun:Husband Profession in astrology will have Solar energy when the 4th house from Lagna or 10th house from Upapada Lagna is influenced by Sun. If the Planet is sun and it is strong, your spouse may be a govt official, doctor, actor etc.

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Total Pageviews. Mrigasira Nakshatra, Mrigasira Nakshatras male natives No comments:. Similarly relation between 2nd and 11th house lord with 1st,5th and 9th creates dhanyog in a horoscope and also check these in your navamsa too. Agile and taller than average; may have sharp features.

Saturn:Husband Profession in astrology will have Saturnine energy when the 4th house from Lagna or 10th house fro upapada Lagna is influenced by saturn. If the planet is Saturn, your spouse may be in the profession of Engineer, Judge or any judicial service, social service etc. One thing to remember that if there is Rahu or Ketu in the 4th house, there is chances that your spouse will not be happy or satisfied in his or her career.

Spouse can play a huge role in a persons success-Its a way to balance out negativity in the chart. Complete birth chart with Navamsa chart needs to be Seen for getting some hints about the husband career:astrology do not work in isolation. If you want a prediction about your chart, Please get in touch with Me for a complete analysis.

I have tried to give some information about the husband profession in astrology, if you think i have missed something please add them with comments. If you Like it do not forget to share. Debraj is a professional Astrologer with More than 10 years of Practical experience. Not so long ago working spouse was not common in India but with modern needs of society, we can see women working in many fields and earning better than their spouses.

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Sometimes it might happen that things contradict in D-1 and D It means your birth chart might show working spouse but in D-9 combinations are not supportive for same. Now, what if D-1 does not show working spouse but D-9 holds clues for same. Then in such cases spouse will have a job but good progress will come slowly with time. If combination exists in both D-1 and D-9 then it indicates a spouse with a good earning profession.

This color factor is always a cause of stress to our ladies of India. No surprise tv commercial is full of whitening creams and the matrimonial section of the newspaper are quite amusing while giving a description of brides.

Though such compulsion is not applicable to men unless salary criteria are up to mark. In order to find the color of spouse female should check their Jupiter placement and males should analysis their Venus placement. The Same concept should be applied to the seventh house and its lord also, the strongest of the seventh house, seventh lord and venus will decide the complexion of the spouse. Influence of Saturn, Rahu or Ketu over them results in the average looking spouse. Love and Care in any relationship are seen through karaka of that relation.

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For example, Sun is karaka for father, if weak or afflicted it results in bad relation with father or miscommunication between them. Similarly, if you want to know whether your spouse will be loving or caring then check following parameters. Venus is karaka of wife and Jupiter is for Husband, when well placed and under auspicious connection, especially by 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th and 9th house lords, then your spouse will take care of your needs and there will be mutual love and care. Check the condition of your 7th house because it rules over marriage and related affairs.

Especially from the 6th lord influence of 6th house lord influence can make spouse cruel in nature, same holds true for malefic like Mars and Ketu when they afflict your 7th house or its lord. Both Aries sign and planet Mars have fire tatwa in them. As mentioned in above paragraph, fire signs in 7th house give a tall spouse. This clearly shows Michelle Obama is tall and is blessed with an appealing and a commanding personality.

Now, we have to consider other planetary effects on the 7th house or its lord. Here in Obama horoscopes, 7th lord mars are making a union with planet Rahu and Rahu have a planetary association with his 7th house also. Michelle Obama has a prominent jaw which is due to Rahu aspect on 7th house of Barack Obama. If this Rahu was under planetary affliction than it would have given her gaps in her teeth.

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Second example here is of Bill Clinton, his wife Hillary Clinton is one of the most powerful people on whole earth. This example can be used for Status of the spouse also. Hillary Clinton has medium, round shoulder and plump appearance to some extent.

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We have a detailed Article on Future spouse Looks and here we will discuss about how to know future spouse profession in astrology. In astrology 7th house represents marriage or spouse. If 7th house Virgo is occupied by Jupiter or Venus then spouse will be attractive and beautiful. In Vedic astrology, is it possible to predict the initial letter of a future spouse’s name?.

Bill Clinton Horoscope. This combination made Bill Clinton image very controversial and affected their marriage too. Though Mars and Venus aspect over 7th of Bill Clinton made her successful, courageous and lucky. You can see from his horoscope how Hilary was successful in her life. Let me know about your views.

By the way let me tell what your personality.

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To the world you look more like an intelligent with Jupiter exalted with mercury. Very sharp intelligent person.

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Aspected by Venus. So you are blessed to have this. Saturn aspectes Lagna so slim body. Rahu, Moon and Mars has virodh argala on ascendant makes you sometime go beyond limit. GL mars,moon Rahu is 3rd from AL shows material success during those periods. You don't have young siblings period. Vimsottari Dasa started from Moon :Sat: - Mer: - Jupiter's Transit over 7th house or its lord is gone long. All member friendsPlease feel free to correct me any time. Your content will need to be approved by a moderator. You are commenting as a guest.

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